The Greatest Show on Earth

My short story about an elderly couple in a Walgreen’s parking lot was published in Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

The Diver

A short story published as part of the Haunted Passages series in the Heavy Feather Review. It began with the half-remembered image of a woman grinning as she plunged into an industrial canal.

Notes from the End of a World

Each night in 2020 I wrote a short post because I wanted to etch these strange days into my memory. Before the world changed completely.

Scenes from America’s Taj Mahal

Notes from an accidental visit to a temple in West Virginia.

The Sacred and Profane

A photo-essay from Greece. Our most sacred institutions have become obscene while profane cries of resistance sound absolutely spiritual.

Philosophy Is an Ambulance

Grief can arrive on a gust of wind, a glimpse at a calendar, or a half-heard snippet of conversation on the street.

The Shock of Nevermore

Each time I pick up a pen these days, I am reminded of Ingmar Bergman’s admonition that “the only worthwhile subject is man’s relationship with god.”

The Last Year of My Father

After receiving a lung and transforming himself into a grand old man, my father slipped suddenly from this world.

The Prevention of Dying

I’d like to be a little beacon of joy for my father, chipper and zen and awake at six in the morning eating a piece of fruit. Instead, I stay up late reading Schopenhauer.

Pneumonia Notes

When the body rebels, the mind realizes it’s been preoccupied with the wrong things.

Chaos Is Your New Lady

Near the old lion cage, a tidy cursive script says You did this to us. This is America muttering to itself in the kitchen before stumbling off to bed.