Somewhere in New Mexico, 2008

Last night I had a dream that I found my father in a parking garage. I hid behind a car and watched him from a distance, afraid he might shoo me away if I approached. He was in charge of picking things off the floor and he was taking it very seriously. Parking garages are the most common architecture in my dreams, and I wonder if there’s any meaning in this, some insight to be gleaned. Woke up and tried to meditate, but garbled instructions rattled around my head. Stay alert. Click to accept. Stay six feet apart. See something, say something. Breathe through the backside of your body. Are you still watching?

Tonight the president held a town hall on a major network and refused to distance himself from conspiracy theorists who believe the Democrats belong to a satanic pedophilia cult. When the interviewer pressed him on this, he replied, “They are strongly against pedophilia, and I agree with that.” Can a nation recover from this?

Maybe the question shouldn’t be Are you still watching? but Why?

The Normal – TV O.D.

Warm Leatherette | Mute, 1978 | More
Each night in 2020, I wrote a short post for a series called Notes From the End of a World because I wanted to etch these days into my memory. Before the world changed completely.
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