Swimming Scene, 2014

One of my short stories has been included in the Haunted Passages series at Heavy Feather Review. It’s called “The Diver,” and it began with a fragment from a dream, as many stories do. In this case, it was the half-remembered image of a woman grinning as she plunged into an industrial canal. This dream gradually became the backstory for a character in the novel I’m writing, and I’ve rewired it into a short piece that I hope stands on its own. Here’s how it begins:

My mother believed life should be graceful and clean, much like the way she entered the water when she was young. She had been a diver and, for a time, the most famous woman in town. Especially once she began killing people.

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London. The usual clouds, the usual forty-something degrees, and there’s a photograph of my mom on the massive screen behind us.
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