September 4, 2020


This election will test much cruelty Americans will tolerate, and how many of us crave it.

August 27, 2020


He said, “The president recognizes the best way to restore normalcy to people’s lives is to bring back entertainment options.”

August 20, 2020


An empathy machine sounds like a pretty good leader right now.

August 19, 2020


Somewhere in southeastern Ohio, I drove past two ranch houses sitting side by side with tidy sidewalks and neatly mowed lawns.

August 17, 2020


Somewhere north of Columbus, we tuned in to the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

July 30, 2020


“You can put on a jacket,” she says, “but you can’t take off your skin.”

July 22, 2020


And for a lunatic moment I wonder if it will keep raining until everything is washed clean.

July 13, 2020


Nobody died from the pandemic in New York City the other day.

June 28, 2020


We had a pleasant June for a while, but the long mean heat of summer is finally here. Beyond this, I’m losing the plot.

June 26, 2020


Aliens could land in America and we would politicize them until they became just another round of ammo in our endless red versus blue battle.

June 18, 2020


More than ever, surrealism might be the best strategy for surviving these days.

June 16, 2020


I want to square my life with these instructions from Thich Nhat Hanh: “Vow to work for reconciliation by the most silent and unpretentious mean possible.”