November 22, 2022

November 22, 2022

Making an oldies playlist like it’s 1995 and I’m smoking clove cigarettes while speeding down I-75 to the Packard Plant or Saint Andrew’s Hall.

May 30, 2022

Acid Camp

Ohio. Sunset: 8:54pm. The moon is brand new, my computer gave me an eye exam, and Johnny Cash is growling “I See a Darkness” across 140 beats per minute.

January 11, 2022


Ohio. Another frigid and atmospherically pointless day without any snow. My brand new cassette tape arrived.

July 19, 2020


Tonight I’m craving the kerchunk of a rewind button and the ritual of scotch-taping the edge of a cassette

June 13, 2020


This morning I came across a stray photograph from my mother’s things, and something about it looks like a scene from a dream.

February 15, 2020


Why are so many visions of the future cast in cool tones? Blues and greys, whites and silvers.