77 minutes of pitched-down techno classics melded with reverberated vocals from Bobby Vinton, the Paris Sisters, and the Moody Blues.

Mixtape | 77 minutes

Truly the Last Days

A mixtape for the final hours of a very strange decade. Produced for Mysteries of the Deep’s monthly series.

Mixtape | 80 minutes

Blue Motor Lodge

Two pitched-down dub records meander through a field of mid-century blues and ballads. Featuring Fran├žoise Hardy, Pole, Dean Martin, and A Rocket in Dub.

Mixtape | 57 minutes

Midnight on Dauphine

Aimed squarely at the midnight hour, this installment is best enjoyed on a porch or fire escape. Starring Vangelis, Al Green, Black Sabbath, The Cranes, and lots of reverb.

Mixtape | 102 minutes