Each time I visit the museum, I seek out this thousand-year-old ceramic statue. Known as an arhat, or protector of Buddhism, he sits on a high pedestal and looks down with a stare as bottomless as time. Never have I felt so judged. Or wanting. His gaze leaves me questioning my life choices and entire personality. And I keep returning to him for this sensation.

Rafael Anton Irisarri – A Thousand-Yard Stare

Daydreaming |Miasmah, 2007 | Bandcamp
Each night in 2020, I wrote a short post for a series called Notes From the End of a World because I wanted to etch these days into my memory. Before the world changed completely.
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April 8, 2021


"Our myths and conventions are old," said Antonioni. "And everyone knows that they are indeed old and outmoded. Yet we respect them."
January 9, 2020


I want to commune with nature but I do not know how. Some lizard-brained part of me wants to pull out my telephone and look for new headlines, new information.
June 22, 2020


She made a comment about her life that seems like a solid piece of wisdom for dealing with any kind of history: “I need to look back, but I don’t need to stare.”
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