Late April snow in Ohio

A late April snowstorm blew through Ohio last night, quick and heavy, and the sudden shock of snow was a fine addition to my hallucinations while I lay on the couch, gratefully suffering from fever, aches, and chills: the side-effects of the second dose of vaccine. A few hours later, the snow and the fever disappeared as quickly as they came.

Isnaj Dui – Chill Turns to Cold

Unstable Equilibrium | Home Normal, 2009 | Bandcamp
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December 16, 2020


Maybe it has to do with the silence it brings, how it tranquilizes the world for a while.
January 8, 2022

Dream Language

Ohio. Temperatures in the thirties and everything is coated grey. I woke up wondering if I would live my life any differently if I measured my age in days or hours instead of years.
December 9, 2021


Sunset: 4:27pm. Last night I watched C. paint, and she moved so quick and loose, belonging entirely to the moment as she swirled her ink across a massive canvas.
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