Woke up to news that they’re talking about dimming the sun. We’d rather mess with the sky than rethink our economy. A million people were evacuated from the coastlines of India and Bangladesh as a massive cyclone churned in the Bay of Bengal. But there was a gangbusters report on job growth in the USA. The presidents of America and Russian celebrated by spending an hour on the phone together. Meanwhile, words like kompromat, dezinformatsiya, and maskirovka circulate through our screens.

At an academic mixer, a consultant from Brussels asked everyone to draw the shape of their lives on a Post-It note. I made a scribble and people began approaching me as if I’d scrawled a cry for help. “But is the Bible considered fiction or non-fiction?” a woman asked nobody in particular. Cut to a hospital waiting room where an infomercial babbled to a row of empty chairs: “This rare melon defies the aging process, allowing you to stay fresher and firmer.” Later that night, a stern middle-aged man would turn to the camera and say, “My mattress topper performs as promised.” In the meantime, a headline scrolled across the screen: The Food and Drug Administration Warns Against Buying Young People’s Blood to Prevent Aging.

I heard a voice in the hallway say, “We’re all survivors here.” He’s right. We’re still here. Doing our best to survive these confusing days. Learning to function in a society that would rather tear itself to pieces than give up its myths and try something new. Anger or compassion? The answer must be compassion because it’s so much harder. Then again, it might be time to end the American experiment. Break it into city-states and clear the stage for a better show.

Autechre – Garbagemx

from Garbage | Warp, 1995 | Spotify

An industrial symphony that feels not only emotional, but generous. Recorded twenty-five years ago when Autechre was at the apex of merging melody with machine junk before heading down a brittle and academic path.

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