AI-generated scenes from the story I’m writing.

August 18, 2022

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Alan Ralph
1 year ago

I had a similar experience playing with the Wombo app on my phone recently: the amusement of caricatures of politicians and generated space scenes eventually gave way to boredom, as well as a niggling feeling that I was effectively an unpaid AI trainer.

I looked at the website of the Data Union — I get the appeal of being paid for your harvested data, but the problem for me is that this is normalising the push to extract more and more from us, with all the problems that come from lack of accountability, security and transparency. Ultimately, I feel we need to slay this hydra once and for all, either by cutting off its heads or poisoning it and starving it to death.

Like you, I get more pleasure from writing and curating my music collection, all of which are on my computer.

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