Central Park, New York City

New York City. Sunset: 6:35pm. Moon: Waning crescent. Weather: Mostly sunny with a high of 75, partly cloudy tonight with a low of 54 degrees and a light southwest wind.

I always wake up too early on Saturdays because I’m excited it’s Saturday. This morning I went for an ugly jog and accidentally got absorbed into a marathon-in-progress. For three miles, I debated the ethics of helping myself to the Gatorade-and-banana stations. I declined. Better to run poorly with a clear conscience.

Packed into a tight group, I ran much faster than usual. I suppose there’s a lesson there. And I was struck by how each person has their own shamble and stride, their particular way of carrying themselves through the world, as unique as a fingerprint.

Running soundtrack: Black Sabbath, Godspeed’s Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada, and Thomas Brinkmann’s variations of Richie Hawtin’s Concept 96 series.

Thomas Brinkmann – VR/08:12/24:00

Concept 96:VR | Minus, 1998 | More
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