Interstate 96, Michigan

Michigan. My home state. Sunny skies, a high near seventy, and there were no kidnappings or explosions in the wake of last night’s election. We’re doing great.

Tonight C. and I are driving to a museum to discuss a possible thing. We spent a fair chunk of the ride debating whether laws were necessary to prevent us from killing each other and bouncing checks or if they merely reflected the fundamentally good inclination of human nature. I was the optimist in this debate, which surprised us both. But I enjoy imagining we need a complex system of federal and state statutes to prevent C. from causing trouble.

I love driving at night. It feels like a video game.

Elecktroids – Midnight Drive

Elektroworld | Warp, 1995 | Bandcamp

Being back in Michigan has me feeling old and sentimental, so here’s a nostalgic track from Drexciya‘s woozy Kraftwerk tribute that’s nearly thirty years old.

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