The Dead Man’s Line

People in other countries take hostages for political reasons. Americans do it for real estate.

Isadora Ain’t Foolin’ Me Any

“If she goes pulling off her clothes and throwin’ them in the air like she did in Boston, there’s gonna be somebody getting a ride in the paddy wagon.”

Televised Memories

My first memories are drenched in yellow and orange. This is a side effect of being born in 1977, a time when images possessed an overheated and slightly nauseating aura.

She Watches Eli Lilly at Midnight

From the rooftop of a cheap hotel stained with weather and time, a woman gazes across the city at the global headquarters of Eli Lilly & Company.

A 21-Gun Salute for My Grandfather

In 1941, my grandfather drove across the country to see the World’s Fair. There were no highways, the car broke down constantly, he slept in fields, and he said it was the best trip of his life.