Somewhere in New Jersey, 2021

A lone gas station in the night feels like church: chiaroscuro lighting, the optics of a sci-fi temple, and the promise of a sanctuary from the American night.

Ectomorph – Synthesize Her

A Tribute to Robert Moog | Creme Organization, 2014 | Bandcamp

Another Ectomorph track as the season gets darker—this one drenches a vocal track in oil and drags it into the shadows.

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30 days ago

100% with this. Taking a Greyhound from some station out west into Kansas City, Missouri, the route went through some spooky ghost town called “Martinville, Missouri”, and it was 50-ish miles of backroads and lone houses – sometimes with a light on within (thinking to myself: “who could possibly be in there?!” and after the lengthy trek through…nowhere, we reached a huge Hucks Gas Station, which was also miles from where KC started. Peace and respite waited with cold sodas and Doritos. Seemed like the only living souls in the county were about at Hucks, and nowhere else.

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