29 Palms Highway, California

Mojave desert. Sunset: 6:03pm. There’s a full moon tonight, a hunter’s moon. Like a scene from a noir film, C. and I pulled over by the side of a deserted highway and watched the moon rise above all this endless space where the silence carries weight, a cosmic pressure against the skin.

Chromatics – Dagger Moon

In the City | Italians Do It Better, 2010 | More
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October 23, 2021

Desert Cadence

Twentynine Palms. Sunset: 6:00pm. I heard about a woman who can tell you the future by deciphering the contrails of experimental military aircraft.
August 3, 2020


I should understand the rhythm of the moon by now.
October 3, 2021

Talking Over a Car Alarm

Sunset: 6:34pm. Moon: Waning crescent. It's too warm for October, yet C. and I are dreaming about the desert again.
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