Route 66, 2013

I remember speeding past a row of broken trailers, their heads bowed in prayer. Along old Route 66 in the Mojave desert, you’ll find a string of towns with mythic names: Amboy and Bagdad, Ragtown and Siberia. Lately I’ve been combing through my photographs from these drives, dreaming of the day I find my way back. It’s becoming a nightly habit during this suspended season in a hushed city: scrolling through desert scenery while fantasizing about horizons, speed, and possibilities.

The town of Zzyzx was known as Soda Springs until 1944, when a radio evangelist rechristened it with the last word in the English language. Out near Frenchman Flat, there’s a woman who will tell your fortune by deciphering the contrails of experimental military aircraft.

Each night in 2020, I wrote a short post for a series called Notes From the End of a World because I wanted to etch these days into my memory. Before the world changed completely.
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