New York City

After a week of schlepping and haggling, C. and I emptied our flat, loaded our belongings, and pointed a rental truck west. As we bounced along the George Washington Bridge, I had the freefalling sensation of being ejected from the city, of being spat out of a whirlwind. There are no tolls to enter New Jersey, and there’s a proverb here: it costs money to get into New York City, but it’s always free to leave.

Not Waving & Romance – Say Goodbye

Restoration of Bliss | Ecstatic, 2021 | Bandcamp
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December 2, 2021
New York City. Sunset at 4:28pm, and a new supermoon is on its way. Over the next two weeks, I'll look at the city more closely, hoping to etch its jangle and hum into a well-worn memory.
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There should be a clinical term for the sensation of wanting to look at my phone while looking at my phone.
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They say you never see a cheetah stretch, but maybe I should. My legs always hurt.
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