The sacred and profane.

Ohio. Sunset at 5:23pm with temperatures deep below freezing. At a meeting in a church basement, I admired a large wooden cross before a bank of filing cabinets and contemplated the two-thousand-year collision of metaphysics and paperwork that led to this moment.

Outside, an airplane engine grinds overhead. Telephone screens glow in the night like devotional candles. I once heard a woman say, “I refuse to believe in a god of confusion.” I often think about her voice, small and hushed, a desire addressed to nobody in particular. Perhaps it’s the greatest desire of all, to believe there’s some sense to all of this.

Temple Ov Saturn – Stellar Collision

Bride of the Sun | 2018 | Bandcamp
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December 22, 2021

Ohio Interlude

Sunset at 5:11pm. Yesterday I woke several hours before sunrise, which was out of character for me.
September 24, 2020


Standing in a superstore parking lot this evening, I watched some geese fly south, and I remembered my parents' relationship with birds.
December 28, 2021

Holiday Drift

Ohio. Sunset: 5:14pm. These blurry days between Christmas and New Year's Eve stand outside of time.