“That barren pasture. Empty and salted. The dead space between the stars.”

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6 years ago

Edifying and resonant. Thanks. Reminds me of a line I often think of from Almereyda’s cult vampire film Nadja: “The pain I feel now is the pain of fleeting joy.” It’s not a spoken line, it’s the thought of the character dreamily walking in the city at night. Snow is falling. She catches flakes on her tongue. Actually this is the only scene I remember from the entire film. When I listen to this Vangelis or watch the original Blade Runner, I feel this even more. A delicate ache, not pain really. Something exquisite. The awareness of awareness, that each moment melts away even as it’s lived. Like tears in rain. Or snowflakes that melt on the tongue. The fleetingness I feel is not of joy, but of everything. Mist.

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