Like trying to retrofit an 8-track player.

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Mario Villalobos
Mario Villalobos
2 years ago

I’m not sure if this is “better,” but when I got fed up with Apple Music, I turned to Doppler on both my iPhone and Mac. It doesn’t have an automatic sync feature, but it does allow you to wirelessly and easily send music from your Mac to your iPhone (right click on the music in the Mac app and click “Send to iPhone”). You’ll have to open Doppler on your iPhone and allow the transfer, but the transfer takes seconds. What I do is manage all my music in the Mac app first, then I send it to my iPhone later. Over time, I’ve gotten really quick at this and it beats ever having to use Apple Music or any streaming service.

2 years ago

For me, it’s Evermusic. Streams and allows for offline play, also has an iPad app. Not quite as aesthetically pleasing as Doppler, admittedly, but it’s definitely not the worst… 😉

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