Michigan, 2014

Sunset: 5:51pm. Partly cloudy in New York with a high of 60 degrees and lows dipping into the 40s at last. Now begins my favorite season, the deep stretch of time when the landscape weighs upon the mind and perhaps the other way around. This is the season of choral music and childhood memories drifting through the heating vents, of headlights in the gloom and trees that look like old gentlemen.

Tonight I’m grateful I’ve returned to this channel in the static, writing for whoever might find it. The idea of an audience, real or imagined, forces me to move beyond fractured scribblings in my notebook towards complete sentences and, occasionally, better thoughts. I’d like to read more blogs. If you’re still broadcasting on the information superhighway like it’s 2004, please let me know so I can add your station to my feed.

Gas – Oktember

Oktember | Mille Plateaux, 1999 | Bandcamp
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10 months ago

As a newcomer to your blog I’m also grateful you’re broadcasting to us. Sending my thanks and letting you know more see than reply.


P.S. I update blogroll.org on a regular basis – you may find some kindred blogs there. I’ll be adding yours soon (it’s queued up in a list I work through over time).

Jamie Adams
10 months ago

Oh, there are dozens of us still blogging away. Always happy to see you in my feeds.

Safe travels.

Paul Capewell
10 months ago

I like to think I am still blogging frequently but I know I read far more than I type. But yours is amongst my absolute favourite blogs and I am so very grateful to you for your insight and inspiration. Thank you, James.

Phil Gyford
10 months ago

I’m still going, on a weekly tempo these days. It’s been good to have you back recently.

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