Michigan, 2014

Writing for Whoever Might Find It

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2 years ago

As a newcomer to your blog I’m also grateful you’re broadcasting to us. Sending my thanks and letting you know more see than reply.


P.S. I update blogroll.org on a regular basis – you may find some kindred blogs there. I’ll be adding yours soon (it’s queued up in a list I work through over time).

Jamie Adams
2 years ago

Oh, there are dozens of us still blogging away. Always happy to see you in my feeds.

Safe travels.

Paul Capewell
Paul Capewell
2 years ago

I like to think I am still blogging frequently but I know I read far more than I type. But yours is amongst my absolute favourite blogs and I am so very grateful to you for your insight and inspiration. Thank you, James.

Phil Gyford
2 years ago

I’m still going, on a weekly tempo these days. It’s been good to have you back recently.

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