Fellini’s 8½ is a head-scraping and memory-swirled portrait of the judgment and shame that comes with creative effort.

Double Feature

Nightcrawler and Bringing Out the Dead

Shock G

I grew up with Digital Underground. I copied the cartoons from their albums into my middle-school notebooks and I memorized their lyrics; my brain still carries them around thirty years later.


A late April snowstorm blew through Ohio last night, quick and heavy.


I answered a few questions about writing and the allure of lonely gas stations as part of Michael Donaldson’s 3+1 interview series. I’m flattered to appear on his eight-sided channel, which has the passion and sprawl of a vintage zine, and it’s one of the first places I visit when I’m looking for new great […]


“Our myths and conventions are old,” said Antonioni. “And everyone knows that they are indeed old and outmoded. Yet we respect them.”