December 2020

December 20, 2020


How would knowing that consciousness lingers while the body goes cold change the way we reckon with death—or bear witness?

December 19, 2020


I absorbed so many forms of 1980s sitcom trauma.

December 18, 2020


“But I’m working on a special microchip that will block the signals of all demons and devils,” he said.

December 17, 2020


An elderly man collapsed against the base of a Bernini.

December 17, 2020

The Greatest Show on Earth

My short story about an elderly couple in a Walgreen’s parking lot was published in Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

December 16, 2020


Maybe it has to do with the silence it brings, how it tranquilizes the world for a while.

December 15, 2020


There were days when our images were honored, even feared.

December 14, 2020


I’m reappreciating the joy of mundane events this year, the delight in everything happening as expected.

December 13, 2020


They gathered in Washington DC to wave flags with the president dressed up like Rambo, slicked with sweat and carrying a belt-fed weapon.

December 12, 2020


I feel more present in the world at midnight, most like myself.

December 11, 2020


Three thousand Americans are dying each day from the coronavirus, and two hundred thousand more are infected.

December 10, 2020


Three years ago on a Saturday night in rural Pennsylvania, I saw a vision of the future that I cannot shake.