December 2020

December 31, 2020


The end of the year leaves me feeling as if I’m supposed to be reflective; I find myself hunting for revelations that never arrive.

December 30, 2020


It’s almost like a new form of weather, this atmosphere of everyone waiting for this wretched year to end.

December 29, 2020


I try to imagine my reaction if someone showed me some scenes from the year to come.

December 28, 2020


There will be no flash of light or burning bush.

December 27, 2020


But for three or four minutes, something otherworldly seemed possible.

December 27, 2020

2020 Rotation

Music felt more necessary than ever this year.

December 26, 2020


A pair of ears clutches a knife. A pig dressed as a nun encourages a man to sign a legal document. And so on.

December 25, 2020


Remember this, I thought, because it won’t always be this way.

December 24, 2020


My first concept of god came from It’s a Wonderful Life.

December 23, 2020


My memories tend to pile up around the holidays, fogging my thoughts with the textures of Christmas seasons from the past.

December 22, 2020


A billionaire was on television this morning, and he’s worried about our social fabric.

December 21, 2020


Heavy rain beats against the windows and it’s the longest night of the year, one of my favorite moments.