Grief Is a Beast That Will Never Be Tamed

Heraklion, Greece

A collaboration with Candy Chang that offers a public meditation on loss and invites passersby to share the rituals, beliefs, and texts which have provided solace.

The Atlas of Tomorrow

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Inspired by the mountains and fires of the I Ching, I wrote sixty-four fables for a mural conceived by the artist Candy Chang that invites passersby to consider a dilemma in their lives.

She Dreamed of a Place Called Fat City

New Orleans, Louisiana

A collaboration with Candy Chang that explores the possibilities of deeper storytelling in public space.

Love Destroys Time

New Orleans, Louisiana

A public art installation in an abandoned apartment complex. Inspired by the true story of a blind woman who once lived here, Candy Chang and I developed a cinematic fable about lost love.

The Bureau of Manufactured History

Indianapolis, Indiana

Inspired by the methodology of Surrealism and the madness of Dada, the Bureau of Manufactured History works to uncover the unconscious content of the city.