Some Strange Region of the Universe


So many surreal vistas in Iceland amplified the sensation of living in end times, an effect further enhanced by a number of brutalist churches that looked as if they belonged to alien gods.

The Sacred and Profane

Athens & Heraklion, Greece

The graffiti splashed across the buildings next to the Agora felt appropriate now that our sacred institutions have become obscene and profane cries of resistance sound absolutely spiritual.

Melancholy Stations

The Highways of America

An ongoing series dedicated to the beauty of the midnight interstate, the pump islands and motor lodges glowing on the horizon like sanctuaries from the chaos of the three o’clock in the morning mind.


The Back Roads of America

Scenes from the white spaces on the American map—the mythic geography of junkyards, ghost towns, forgotten cars, and furniture by the side of county roads.

Midnight at the Veterans Hospital

Madison, Wisconsin

A photo-essay from the first week spent with my father at the Veterans Hospital in Wisconsin, where we would wait nine months for a lung.

Chaos is Your New Lady

Two Guns, Arizona

Welcome to Two Guns, Arizona. Dig these crumbling buildings and read the writing on the walls. Near the old lion cage, a tidy and compact cursive script says You did this to us. This is America muttering to herself in the kitchen before stumbling off to bed.

The Last Free Place

Slab City, California

A photo-essay about Slab City, an off-grid community in the lower lefthand corner of America with a name that sounds like the stuff of underground pulp and purple noir.

Krewe du Vieux

New Orleans, Louisiana

Krewe du Vieux taught me about the heat of crowds and the barriers that crumble when everybody crams together in the streets to play dress-up with a backbeat.