Mojave and Thunderbird

Please give them a home. Free delivery.

I’m moving into a small box in the sky and I hope some kind soul will adopt my cats. Mojave (pictured left) is four years old and he spends most of his time laying on his back with his paws in the air, waiting for somebody to pet him. Many a visitor has exclaimed, “That is the most adorable cat I have ever met!” Thunderbird is more philosophical. She prefers to spend her days gazing through the window or at a vague spot on the wall, quietly contemplating the indifference of the cosmos. She does not meow, although she occasionally makes a soft beeping sound that could be mistaken for a notification on your telephone in the other room.

Both cats are monochromatic, so these black-and-white photos are accurate representations. They have all of their shots and paperwork and fixings, and they are available immediately. Free delivery within a twelve-hundred mile radius from New Orleans. I will also provide litter boxes, two months of food, and a cash dowry to help them rebuild their lives. If you might be able to offer them a home, please let me know.

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