Holy Day

Time stands still somewhere in the middle of the nation

We stopped the clock for an hour last night and even though we do this every autumn without much fanfare, it still feels like some kind of magic. The end of Daylight Savings Time is my favorite holiday because it creates more night. And if you’re staying at a motel, you get a free hour. It’s such a beautiful thing, this annual reminder that we can collectively tinker with our fictions and rules. There ought to be fireworks, parades, and gift-giving. Changing the clocks should be the biggest celebration of the year because if we can rearrange time, we can do whatever we want. Reorganize the alphabet. Invent new colors. Add more days to the week. Replace money with hugs. While we’re at it, let’s turn the clocks back to a Saturday night in 1978 and write ourselves a different future.

The Caretaker - Misplaced in Time

Everywhere at the End of Time, 2016 | More information

Leyland Kirby’s ongoing series as The Caretaker uses deeply reverberated ballroom songs from the 1930s as a departure point for a sprawling investigation into the nature of time, memory, and age that flickers between haunted nostalgia and moments of pure sonic heartbreak.

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