The Woman in the Dunes

Kōbō Abe meditates on the reasons the mind craves routine: “It goes on, terrifyingly repetitive. One could not do without repetition in life, like the beating of the heart, but it was also true that the beating of the heart was not all there was to life.”

Snapshots from Greece

I’ve put together one thousand words and seventeen photographs from my time in Athens and Heraklion. This piece began as a brief photo-essay that juxtaposed graffiti with the ruins of the past but it quickly unraveled into a sprawling meditation on the life-cycle of civilizations—a question which seems more pressing as the world continues to […]

Hymns for the End of the World

Slow-motion strings and liturgical drones from Athens, Greece.

Guilt and Grace

On January 5 I walked along the sea in Crete and remembered my father who died on this day last year. The things I should have done, the desire to rewrite the past. But why punish myself with guilt? A line from Bergman’s The Seventh Seal nattered at my thoughts: “I often wonder why people […]